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Some of my favourites!

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Project Goals: Implemented large-scale Content Management System migration from Drupal to WordPress. Full website re-design and executed SEO strategy to help spread the goodness of nutrition. Implemented email list building strategy to help grow user base.

Project Goals: Designed and implemented an online delivery system to help the Government of Canada meet a mandate of making signed agreements accessible to the general public.

Project Goals: Designed a minimalistic website to showcase a clean vegan food brand that is made-in-Canada produced with zero preservatives. Created animation to enhance key messaging throughout the website.

Project Goals: Executed a fully search engine optimized website to deliver maximum page load speeds. This project is where I hang my own hat and publish content online.

Project Goals: Designed a website to establish an author as an expert in her field. This site is published in Chinese to allow the author to reach an international audience. Implemented Content Delivery Network technology to deliver content quickly regardless of location. Initiated an email list building strategy to grow international readership.

Project Goals:  Client achieved position #1 in Google ranking less than 10 days after site launch. Created corporate branding and design of website to highlight expertise of client within the life sciences sector. Website has been highly optimized for SEO and page load speeds.

Project Goals: Supported the author to market and showcase her published book. Implemented an email marketing system to build author's email list while offering readers a chance to read the first chapter of the book for free.

Project Goals: Migrated from to self-hosted WordPress. Implemented a fully optimized framework and theme to deliver gorgeous food photos and recipes. Set up specifically for blog style format and easy for author to publish content.

Project Goals: Achieved a 30 times increase in organic search traffic after my re-launch. Designed the website on a highly optimized, enterprise-level server and implemented full SEO foundation to help client reach new customers. Executed Local SEO strategy to help client rank higher in Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice searches.

Project Goals: Migrated from WIX platform to WordPress. Projected the corporate brand into a complete website re-design and launched in a highly optimized, enterprise-level server.

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